Fall 2017 Release

What has Changed?

Outlined below are some of the major new, enhanced, and depreciated features.

New Features

Private Proctor Database

Allows customers to create and maintain their own database of proctors that are only visible to their account and show up alongside the larger database of proctors for students to choose from.

Ad-hoc Proctor Assignment

Proctors can now be assigned (scheduled) for students without the need of setting up a full proctor account.

Funding Rules

Provides a method for customers to tailor how much students are charged at several different levels; account, course, exam, student.

International support

This includes handling, pricing, and billing in multiple currencies. In addition, a much more robust method for locating proctors in countries other than the US. With the release of this feature, we will be building up our International proctor database over the next several terms.

Course Offering Groupings

In the previous version, course data could become messy as there was no way to “retire” or “filter” courses based on those that are in a specific term. We have introduced a new way to group courses to help with the organization effort.


Allows customers to provide vouchers to students for proctoring services.

Integrated Help Desk Monitoring

The helpdesk monitoring feature will allow instructors and administrators alike full visibility into the help desk tickets their students have submitted. In addition to simply viewing this data, these users can also respond to student requests right along with the SmarterProctoring support team. (this feature may not be available for all accounts as it is dependent on the account licensing model).

Customizable Proctor Groups

When the student clicks “Find a Proctor” from their dashboard they are met with a page that allows them to choose the proctoring type they wish to use. The categories on this page are now fully customizable, including all text. This provides our customers the ability to truly tailor the experience for their students.

Session History

In the previous version, there was no visibility on the history if a student canceled a session and then scheduled again or they had multiple attempts for an exam. With the new version, a full history can be viewed for a student’s exam making it easier to understand what occurred with the student’s exam.

Locate Proctor For Student

Administrators and instructors can now see all the proctors that are located within the student’s location.

Updated Features

Instructor as Proctor

The previous system had this feature but it was not a seamless experience. This feature now is very easy to use and supports much better reporting and managing of students that have opted to proctor with this method.

Online Proctoring Scheduling

There have been several enhancements to the way that scheduling and management are handled by our online proctoring partner B Virtual.

Role enhancements

In the previous system, there was an issue where administrators or instructors would appear as students sometimes. This is completely resolved as roles are very defined.

Exam Scheduling Windows

When setting up an exam, very specific windows can be set for when the student is allowed to schedule – this is apart from the actual open/close dates for the exam.

Proctor Approval Process

The process for approving proctors has been completely overhauled and is much more seamless now.

Enhanced Reporting

The reporting section of the system has been enhanced to provide better data.

System Stability and Speed

The system is much more stable and much faster than the previous version.

Permitted Items

When setting the permitted items per exam, additional information can now be specified per item type for a more detailed explanation of what is allowed.

Enhanced Notifications

The email notification process has been greatly enhanced so users will now be able to get alerts much quicker with more detail.

Depreciated Features

LMS Exam Import

The process of SmarterProctoring pulling in exam data from the LMS (dates, password, etc) has been removed in the initial release of this version. We fully intend on bringing this feature back, however, due to multiple issues in the original version, we decided to hold off until we can deliver a perfectly working feature.

Roster Sync

Pulling in the FULL roster has not been included in the initial version. Like the LMS Exam Import feature, syncing the rosters was not always 100% accurate and many times led to some troubling situations. Bringing this feature back in is on the roadmap and will be coming back at some point in the future. The timeline for this addition is TBD, but it is important for you to know it is going to be coming back.

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