New SmarterProctoring FAQ


Q.What is required of the school’s IT team to transition to the new SmarterProctoring system?

The only thing that is required during this transition is the registration of a “new” LTI tool. Unlike the previous version of SmarterProctoring, the new version of SmarterProctoring does not require any special plugins for any of the LMS’s that we support. 

Q. How does my school get access to the registration of a “new” LTI tool?

Contact Sean Doty requesting the LTI keys to register the tool in your LMS. The LTI keys and an installation guide will be sent to the requestor via email.

Q. Will the old data be imported into the new system?

No. The old data will not be transferred into the new system, other than proctor profiles. All data will remain in the old system and be accessible by the administrators at your institution.

Q. Can my school choose when to transition?

Each account must transition when their term begins. You will be able to run the legacy and new version of SmarterProctoring together during this transition, but keep in mind the data is completely separate. Some customers will need to continue to use the old version of SmarterProctoring if a term is in session and can then roll out the new version for terms that are starting.

Q. When is the latest possible time my school can transition to the new system?

At the beginning of the Spring 2018 term, all clients will be required to either be on the new system or in transition. We are happy to work with each client on an individual basis during this transition period to ensure it is smooth for your account.

Q. Will there be documentation for the new system?

Yes. Part of the new system includes a completely revamped documentation repository that will aid our users with the information they need to get the most out of SmarterProctoring. 

Q: Can special accommodations be set universally for an individual student to cover all exams or is it set on an exam by exam basis?

In the first phase, the accommodations must be set per student per exam (if applicable). In a future release, the universal settings for a student’s accommodations will be available.

Q: VOUCHERS: Do the vouchers expire? Can it be used more than once? Can one be used to fund a portion of an exam session?

No. Vouchers do not have an expiration date. Vouchers can only be used more than one time if the full value is not used up the first time. EX. Voucher is for $20 and session costs $10. The same voucher may be used a second time paying $10 towards the session cost which may/may not be $10.

Q: Will the proctor history feature allow the instructor to see when a session was canceled?

Yes. This feature is viewable by clicking the (+) icon next to the student's name when viewing the roster from the exam dashboard.

Q: If a student messages the instructor from inside SP, will the message transfer to the LMS messaging system or will the instructor need to enter SP to see that there is a new message?

No. Currently, the SP system and the school’s LMS do not sync messages.

Q: If the accommodation is already set in the LMS (Canvas), do you need to set it in SmarterProctoring too?

Yes. Currently, the SP system and the school’s LMS do not sync accommodation settings. 

Q: Can the test duration be customized? For example, instead of the standard 1 hour or 1 ½ hour duration, can a 50-minute duration be input?

Yes. You set your exam duration from 5 minutes to 6 hours 55 minutes with a resolution of 5 minutes.

Q: How does a $20 voucher pay for a $10 exam?

The voucher will cover as much of the exam as necessary with the remaining amount staying with the student to be used on the next exam until the voucher has no value left. 

Q: How are exams approved if you don't have a Proctor Manager?

If your institution does not use a proctor manager model, then your account will not be setup to require exam approval. Under this model, exams will be automatically approved and ready for use as soon as they are submitted by the instructor.

Q: Can you directly reschedule from one proctor to another?

No, you cannot reschedule from one proctor to another. You must cancel first and then reschedule. The only way you can do a reschedule is if you are choosing a different time with the same proctor.

Q: Does the SP system allow for messaging all students?

No. However, messaging students inside the LMS may be the preferred method.

Q: Can my school create custom reports?

No. Currently, the customized reporting feature is not available. However, that option will be included in a future release. We are also interested in getting your feedback on reports that would be helpful so we can build our report options to accommodate many clients. To make those suggestions you can access our enhancement link at -

Q: If Not Approved, how do we send exam back to the professor?

In the initial release, you will need to communicate with the professor outside the system. We will be adding integrated messaging for approvals in a coming release. This messaging will allow all communication to be tracked within SmarterProctoring.

Q:  We have a set amount for exams that are currently handled on your end. Will that be lost when we migrate to the new system?

No, we will configure everything to work in the new system just as it does in the old.

Q: Is there a preferred browser?

No, All browsers are supported on the new system. 

Q: Can an instructor schedule for a student?

At this time, an instructor cannot schedule for a student if they are scheduling with a proctor that is in the database. Instructors, however, can assign ad-hoc proctors to student sessions which will schedule the session for the student.