Accepting a Session

1. Login to the Proctor Dashboard (

2. Once logged in, on the left side of the screen, click on the Messages tab.

3. Any pending requests will show up in the Messages folder. Inside the message, basic information will populate (Title of the Exam, Exam date, Exam Duration, etc...).  The message from the student will also be shown below those details.

4. Located under the message from the student, date/time options are listed from which to choose. After choosing a date/time for the session, there is a prompt to set an expiration time for the exam and finally to Confirm date of exam.  

5. You will now see a Session date confirmed. An automated response will be sent to the student to finish the process.

Please note, If no suggested dates/times work, you may choose to pick a new set of dates/times for the student that is more agreeable to all parties. Click the REPLY button in the top right corner to respond to the student.