Adding Additional Proctor Locations

1. Login to the Proctor Dashboard (

2. Once logged in, on the left side of the screen, click on the  Locations tab.

3. Next, click the Add a Location button in the top right corner.

4. Next, add the location where you would like to Proctor. This location IS NOT your home address (unless designated),  IT IS where you would like to meet the student, to proctor the exams. Once completed, click Continue.

5. In the Details section, enter the details about the location(s) input on the previous page. (ex. Timezone, location type, free/paid parking, smoking/non-smoking, etc...). There is also a section to complete on available technology at the location and accessibility features it includes. When completed, click Continue.

6. On the Pricing Page, notice the option to set the rates based on Institutions or a Global rate. Please choose from either a Flat Rate or Tiered Rates.

  Flat Rate - You choose a price for all eventualities (Single rate, no matter the session duration)

    Tiered Rates - Different exam durations cost different prices (i.e. The longer the exam, the higher the cost.)