Updating Account Information (General/Profile Photo/Passwords)

1. Go to the Proctor login page proctor.smarterproctoring.com

2. Select your name in the TOP RIGHT corner. From the drop-down menu, select SETTINGS.

3. To designate your proctor type, use the green buttons (see below) to toggle on/off the fields. Please note, you cannot modify or edit your name or email address from this screen.

4. To change your profile picture, select the PROFILE PHOTO tab. To delete, click the red delete button (see below) and select a new photo to upload. Once that is complete, select SAVE to finish.

5. For Password changes, select the PASSWORD tab and input the current password and then the new password that is desired. Note, when inputting the new password, a list of password requirements will appear to ensure security is at the highest level. Select the SAVE button when finished.