Automated Incidents - Confirm or Deny

The SmarterProctoring proctoring engine will automatically flag spots in the video of the testing session that it considers to be possible testing anomalies.
These may be instances of the test taker's face disappearing, a second face appearing, the test taker repeatedly looking away from the screen, etc.
As you are reviewing the videos of the testing sessions, you will be prompted when the SmarterProctoring engine has flagged a potential testing anomaly.
Instructions on how to review and confirm or deny the anomaly are below.

1. Upon videos loading, select play in the lower left-hand corner to start the playback.

2. A video will cease playback if a potentially testing anomaly has been flagged (all videos being played back will also freeze).

3. The video will freeze on the frame where the incidents were found and prompt you to CONFIRM or DENY that the incident is of real concern.

**Adding a note to the incident is possible and suggested.

4. If adding a note, a new pop-up window will appear in context to be added. Once all information is input, select SUBMIT to close the window and select either CONFIRM or DENY.

5. After CONFIRMATION or DENIAL of the flagged incident, the playback of all the videos will continue automatically.