Start/Close a Session - Automated Proctoring

***DISCLAIMER: Screenshots are from a demo account that is linked to CANVAS. Your LMS may appear different.

1. Access your SmarterProctoring Student Dashboard through the Institutions LMS (Learning Management System)

2. You will see a list of current exams that are scheduled or waiting to be scheduled.

3. Find the exam that has the correct type of session in it. Then look for green START SESSION button in the top right corner of the box.

*** You may see a window pop up asking you to Open SmarterProctoring. This is just to open the exam in your browser and is perfectly safe.

*** Once you click OPEN SMARTERPROCTORING, you will see a new window appear that is making sure your computer is ready to take the exam.

4. Once the system has been checked and approved, you will see the Confirm Exam Details (A) window pop-up and on the left side of the window, all of the steps that will need to be taken in order to start your exam (B). After confirming each step, you will need to select CONFIRM in the bottom right hand corner (C).

5. Once you click CONFIRM, you will now see an agreement screen. you will just need to click the box and agree to the terms to move on.

6. The next screen you see will be the System Check. If will identify if anything needs to be shutdown in order for you to start your exam. The system will ask you to retest your system, in the event that other applications are open when trying to start the exam.

7. Once your system check is approved, you will be able to click on the NEXT STEPS button in the lower right hand corner.

8. The next step in the process is the Webcam setup. Once you choose your webcam preferences, click CONFIRM.

9. Next you will need to confirm that your Microphone is working properly. Click CONFIRM once done.

10. The Headshot photo is next. You will want to follow the instructions on the screen and make sure to blink to take the photo. Again, click CONFIRM to proceed.

11. You will need your Government ID for this next part. Place the ID in the middle of the screen and follow the instructions at the top of the page. Click CONFIRM to proceed.

12. On the next screen, you will need to agree to the session preparation checklist. Click SIGN AND CONTINUE once ready.

13. The final step in the system check actually has to do with your surrounds. You will need to complete a full room scan in order to confirm that you are in-fact alone, have only the permitted items allowed and and in a suitable environment for the exam. Once complete, click START to go to your exam.

14. Once you have clicked START, you will be directed back to your institutions LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, etc...). You will need to login with your credentials and then navigate to your exam to begin it.

15. You will be directed to your quiz in the LMS and you will have to click TAKE THE QUIZ.

16. After clicking "take the quiz", you will see the password box appear. at the bottom (its yellow) that you will need to click PASTE PASSWORD, so you can enter the quiz.

17. now you are able to take your quiz.


18. Once you have completed your quiz, click on the END EXAM at the bottom of the page. (Again, in the yellow box).

19. Keep clicking the arrow buttons in the yellow box at the bottom of the page to get to the final stages of ending your exam. you will be asked to click END EXAM one more time to complete the submission process.