Setting up a Pencil & Paper Exam

PLEASE NOTE: Please refer to "How to set up an Exam" guide for the basic instruction set; a few minor differences are explained below.

Exam URL

If you are administering an exam that uses pencil and paper, it is unnecessary to put a link to the actual exam in the URL box when creating a new exam.  Instead, insert the LMS link or the institution's web address into that field so the process can move forward.

Exam Password

While a password is required in the next field, you can choose something simple since it is not relevant (ex. “123” or “abc”). 

Exam Content

The exam will be uploaded upon completing the creation of it. You will not upload the exam in the attachments box below. The intended purpose of the “upload attachments” is for fact sheets, formula sheets, and more.  It can be used as a workaround currently, until the pencil and paper exam functionality is built into the new system.

Exam Return Procedures

In the Proctor notes area, provide very clear instructions of how the proctor should return the exam. For example, the method used to return the exam to the instructor could be physically mailing the materials, scanning and emailing, or scanning and uploading to the LMS. Regardless of how the materials need to be returned, please ensure it is clear to the proctor to avoid any delays in receiving the materials.