Submitting Change Requests for Locked Exams

1. From the main dashboard view (which will show all the current exams created). Select the VIEW EXAM button at the bottom right of the exam window.

2. Once selecting the view exam button, a new screen will appear with all the exam details. In order to make changes to an exam that has been locked after approval, select the REQUEST A CHANGE button in the top right corner. 

**Please be aware that you will have an icon and EXAM LOCKED banner above your exam, if it is locked by the administration, after approval.

3. After clicking on the Request A Change button, a new window will appear and you will need to fill in all the fields that you would like to change. Please understand that any fields that are greyed out (Ex. exam title, exam URL) cannot be changed. Any fields that are changed, will be highlighted in yellow to notate the fields to be inspected once submitted.

4. Once you have completed all the changes and submit (unless you add an attachment on the last page, you will select SKIP), you will be directed back to the exam details page and see a new banner that states the changes are pending approval.

5. If there are any additional changes that need to be made upon submission for approval, select the VIEW CHANGE REQUEST. Make the desired changes and resubmit for approval.