Ad-Hoc Proctor Session Guide

1. Exam Details

    The date/time, name and basic information of the students exam.

2. Permitted Items

    Input by the instructor when creating the exam. This will list out the items the student is allowed to use during their session.  As well as any bathroom breaks. 

3. Attachments

    Any additional forms or sheets that need to be given/accessible to the students will be located in this section.

4. Notes

    Input by the instructor when the exam is being created. This section is to required to be filled in by the instructor, it is optional.  Any notes that are sent to the student will be sent to the proctor as well.  No notes sent to the proctor are sent to the students.

5. Faculty Information

    Explains who the instructor or instructors are for the course.

6. Incidents

    This tab is where any suspected cheating behavior is to be reported. Even if you are unsure of the action, you can report an incident and it will be reviewed by the school to confirm or deny it.

7. Actions (FINAL STEP)

    Once the student has finished the exam, click the button below to mark it as completed.