Proctor Approval Report (Removal Steps Included)

1. Login to the Administrative Dashboard

2. Once logged in, you will want to click on the REPORTS tab at the top of the page. and click ALL REPORTS.

3. You will want to click on PROCTOR APPROVALS to see your current list of both approved and denied proctors for your institution.

4. From the report view, you can filter the types of scopes you wish to see (EX. Installation-Wide, Course-Specific, Exam-Specific or Student-Specific).

    *** If you leave the filters to "ALL" you will see all approvals and denials made thus far. 


** Please note the removal of any proctors that have sessions scheduled with them will not impact the student and their session with that proctor. It will only impact students looking to use that specific proctor moving forward. **

1. Within the PROCTOR APPROVALS report, you can select the checkbox to the left side of the screen for any proctors you want to remove.

2. Once a box is checked, a new button will appear at the bottom of the page, that says DELETE SELECTED APPROVALS.

*** Any proctors that are removed (either approved or denied) will have to now be re-approved or denied going forward.