Student Overview - Action Menu Breakdown

  1. Log into your dashboard to see all your exams.
  2. Find the exam you are working with and click on VIEW EXAM.
  3. Scroll down until you see the Student Overview section and find the Action column on the right side of the screen.

Click on the drop-down menu (select Action) to see the full list of actions that can be taken.

The action that can be taken will depend on the state of the session. The various states include:

  • Needs Proctor Status with No Accommodation
  • Needs Proctor Status with an Accommodation
  • Scheduled Status
  • Closed Status

The options for each of these states are outlined below.

Needs Proctor Status with No Accommodation

This is the default state for a session.

A. Assign Proctor - Setup a specific proctor for this student for this specific exam.

B. Locate Proctor - Help to locate a proctor for the student based on the student location.

C. Add Special Accommodation - Create a special accommodation for this student for this exam (EX. extra time, attempts, permitted items, etc...)

D. Message Student - Send a direct message to this student through the dashboard.

E. Impersonate Student - Log in as the student, be able to see what they are seeing inside their personal dashboard.

Needs Proctor Status with an Accommodation

If the student still needs to locate a proctor and a special accommodation has been created, the options to (A) View Special Accommodation or (B) Delete Special Accommodation will be displayed and the option to "Add Special Accommodation" will be removed since there can only be one accommodation created per student/exam combination. 

Scheduled Status

Once a student has scheduled their session, the actions you are able to perform change. You will LOSE the ability to Assign or Locate a proctor and Add a Special Accommodation. However, you will GAIN the ability to (A) View Session Details for that students session.

Closed Status

Upon completion of the session, the action tab will change again.  You will be able to (A) View Session Details and (B) Add Attempts for the student, in the event they are granted another try at the exam.